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Personal Approach

Professional development is often packaged in generic workshops that aim to support a wide variety of students and teachers. While the ideas and strategies included are often great ones, they may lack the personal approach that can account for each school's unique contexts and needs (and budgets!). Our consultants work with each school and/or district that we serve to design and implement individualized agendas tailored specifically for each client.

Sometimes outside consultants can provide important distance, the latest research, and new perspectives on issues and challenges. Sometimes the best professional development begins with the expertise and talent that already exists in your faculty. Strategies for Action consultants can bridge the best of both worlds. By working with you to design agendas and services, we bring your strengths and ours to the table.

Because we believe that learning and growth are most powerful AND enjoyable when they happen within strong and healthy relationships, we won't disappear when the workshop is over. Our approach depends on follow-up support and visits. Whether you are looking for workshops and follow-up, mentoring services, meeting or focus group facilitation, or instructional partners please consider what our team can offer you.
Our Vision : Personal Approach