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           That's A Wrap! Great Endings in Five Minutes or Less

Provides exit slips and activities that check student understanding before formal assessments. Featuring ten or more activities per standard, this resource makes it easy to check in on student progress on a regular and frequent basis.

We provide many different options for Thats A Wrap, please see the order form for the complete offering list.

A trial version of the CD format can be found here. You will find some exit slips that you can use in your classroom.

Answer Keys are ready. Use the links below. You will need to use the supplied Username and Password.

Thats A Wrap: US1 to 1865
Thats A Wrap: US2

Cultures In Contact
English Colonies
American Revolution
A New Nation
Expansion, Growth, and Reform
United States Civil War
World Stage
Boom and Bust
World War II
Cold War
Modern America

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Our Products : That's A Wrap!